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Personalized retreat planning tailored specifically for your unique business needs

Personalized support for both you as the host, as well as your community during the planning phase, retreat and post retreat experience

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Victoria Sas

Founder, RetreatProfits

How We Do Things Around Here

Whether it’s your first retreat and you’re looking for a hands on planning approach or you’re a veteran in the game and prefer a completely done for you service, we are here for you!

Let’s Chat!

We’ll start by getting on a short intro call to get to know each other and pinpoint your retreat goals.


Let’s Get Down
To Business

You’re one HUGE step closer to hosting your event! We will get to work on designing your customized retreat based on the RetreatProfits Framework and help you create a marketing plan to hype the squad!


Pack Your Bags, It’s
Go Time

We’ve put in the work, you’re ready. It’s time to crush your retreat.


The Big Picture

We help you plan and execute luxury retreats with a focus on top line growth and profitability. Not only will we help you grow your business, we’ll put you in a position to build real bonds and lasting connections with your community. We believe you should be able to show up at your next retreat and focus only on your Zone of Genius. We’re here to handle the rest!

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